Time to create

Our need to personalize our environment is more important than ever. Simple shapes and playful blocks of color spark creativity that is designed to inspire.

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time to escape

Surrounding ourselves with global looks helps satisfy our longing to ESCAPE. These gathered world treasures give our homes a stylish, curated look with an ethnic fl air.

Nov21-Time to Escape-3.jpg

time to relax

Living simply and craving a slowed down lifestyle move us away from artifi cial to natural principles. Our desire is for a special place to nestle that is comfortable, yet functional.

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time to grow

To strengthen the connection between humans and nature, we bring the elements of the outdoors inside and move towards more natural, organic looks

Nov21-Time to Grow-2.jpg

Time to reminisce

What’s old is new again and brings a sense of stability to our chaotic world. Now that real vintage is in vogue, we embrace the time-honored elements of traditional style.

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Endurepel™ is a performance finish applied to woven fabrics and PU textiles.


Endurepel™ Shield provides woven fabrics with anti-stain and moisture repellent technology, combined with easy cleanability features and odor protection, available on stocked items or as an after treatment on most woven products. The Endurepel™ Armour top coat protection provides an easy clean finish, antibacterial and anti-mildew properties. Armour is available on our PU, Premier, and our newest PVC product, Challenger.



MADELINE - Reminiscence floral on natural organic like base

TRELLIS - Art inspired print on a natural organic base

Vincent - Contemporary geometric with patina finish

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