Island vibe

Our intrinsic need for interaction with nature brings the outdoors inside. Beautiful foliage blends with an array of shapes and different
hands for a tactile journey “takes us away.”


Menswear inspired classics with a twist are well-suited for today’s modern approach.


Indulgence with luxury allows us to personalize our home. More is more!


Simple shapes mix well with layers of color and texture to revive the spirit and soothe the soul.


Endurepel™ is a performance finish applied to woven fabrics and PU textiles.


Endurepel™ Shield provides woven fabrics with anti-stain and moisture repellent technology, combined with easy cleanability features and odor protection, available on stocked items or as an after treatment on most woven products. The Endurepel™ Armour top coat protection provides an easy clean finish, antibacterial and anti-mildew properties. Armour is available on our PU, Premier, and our newest PVC product, Challenger.

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