Abstract Mood

The trend continues, to personalize your environment and express your own style. The variety of sophisticated possibilities in this collection allow you to “mix and match”. . . creating your own haven.

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With human’s intrinsic need to connect with nature, this group flourishes with an elegant, yet rustic appeal. Refined yarns contrast with bold and raw texture, in a grounded palette for a sense of calm in a chaotic world.

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Natural Balance

An eclectic mix of patterns and “one of a kind” pieces create comfort with an organic vibe in this simple, understated collection. Lux, velvet and plush are key ingredients . . . where texture is everything!


Retro Remix

Art Deco meets Mid-Century in iconic silhouettes with a touch of elegance and opulence. Raised effects bring dimension to patterns, using matelassé and nubby yarns in a color palette that is . . . nostalgic, yet new.

RetroRemix2 Front.jpg

Prints Collection

Aureole: Radiant print of colorful light bursts.

Convergence: Organic cloth with an abstract foliage print

Firenze: Centered Frame printed on a lustrous hammered satin base



Endurepel™ is a performance finish applied to woven fabrics and PU textiles.


Endurepel™ Shield provides woven fabrics with anti-stain and moisture repellent technology, combined with easy cleanability features and odor protection, available on stocked items or as an after treatment on most woven products. The Endurepel™ Armour top coat protection provides an easy clean finish, antibacterial and anti-mildew properties. Armour is available on our PU, Premier, and our newest PVC product, Challenger.